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Rituals... From NYC with Love

A new line of products has arrived at Bella Vida, and we couldn’t be more excited about it’s debut.

Bella Vida was closed on Memorial Day this year, so Vida decided to fly to NYC for the long weekend to visit me, her daughter and Bella Vida’s Assistant General Manager. One beautiful day, we were walking on Broadway and both came to a quick halt in our walk when we noticed a stunning store on our right. Rituals… Many factors lured us both in, the breathtaking scent that overtook the heavy NYC street smell, the beautiful color set up, a massive tree in the middle of the store, we were hooked and had yet to even step foot in this store.

Only a few steps in and my mother and I already looked at each other with echoing glares that exclaimed “Bella Vida!” We took our sweet time in this beautiful store, awe stricken at the quality of products everywhere we turned, each line with its own delicious fragrance. Curious to try these products ourselves, we made our way to the hand fountain and were taken through a Ritual of our choice, I chose Hammam, allured by its refreshing eucalyptus & rosemary, and Vida chose Sakura, a sweet blend of Cherry Blossom and nourishing Organic Milk. We began with the shower gel, a smooth cleansing foam, followed by an exfoliation with the rich body scrub, and finalized with the moisturizing body cream. Our skin felt like a baby’s cheeks and we raved about how incredible the scent was, each convinced our was better.

To this day, Hammam remains my favorite Rituals line, and Sakura Vida’s.

While we wanted to bring the entire store to Bella Vida, we have decided to introduce it pieces at a time, beginning with just three out of six ritual lines. The first two were obvious, for the third we decided upon Laughing Buddha. While our spa carries the name “Mediterranean”, we find our environment and practice to be very influenced by many different civilizations & beliefs, especially that of Buddhism. The Laughing Buddha line states “In ancient China, 1100 years ago, the Laughing Buddha was a famous monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. For centuries, rubbing his belly has symbolized good luck and prosperity. This tradition is the inspiration for a collection of uplifting products that celebrate this positivity. Infused with Organic Mandarin and the revitalizing power of Yuzu, our Laughing Buddha collection brings a touch of happiness to your everyday life.”

The more we learned about Rituals, the products, the different ritual lines, the fragrances and products, the more we became convinces that Rituals would highly compliment our Spa, sharing many similarities in brand.

Rituals not only has a magnificent brand of products, they are an honest and environmental friendly company. In their About Us, you can find important information on their stance as a company to create a better world:



• It goes without saying that our products are never tested on animals but instead are tested by enthusiastic human volunteers. We believe that sufficient high-performing, quality and safe ingredients are available without the need of testing on animals.

• All our products are tested with good results by prominent dermatologists.

• All products comply with the world’s highest quality standards and strictest regulations. Rituals continuingly strives to optimize the use of materials that are natural, renewable and not harmful to the environment.

• We even decided to remove harmful substances pro-actively, for example; parabens, phthalates and MIT.

• All our products are 100% free of microbeads.

• We use packaging that is recyclable and where possible biodegradable. All paper used in our shopping bags, design cartons and giftsets is PEFC certified, and the wood used for our caps and holders is from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified). Our hotel line packaging is made of biodegradable plastic and we introduce more and more refill versions of our products to reduce waste. Furthermore, the company does not use PVC in any packaging materials.

• To keep our carbon footprint on the environment as small as possible we manufacture the majority of our products in Europe.

• We have agreed to abide by moral and ethical values. We expect our third party suppliers to respect and adhere to the same philosophy in their own companies. We require strict compliance with these standards on the part of all our suppliers, their factories, subcontractors, as well as their own suppliers. Part of these standards is that we do not allow any forced labor or child labor. We expect our suppliers to treat their employees with respect and dignity.


As a third party supplier, we are thrilled to join the team of companies creating incredible quality products while pledging to provide such products in a manner that is not destructive but rather beneficial to both our society & environment. We're proud to represent such a company, and provide fantastic products to our clients at great affordable pricing.

Visit us at Bella Vida and you can try these magnificent products yourself in our Steam Shower or Bath! We guarantee you’ll fall in love.

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