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Spa Tips & Etiquette

We’ve put together a few tips to ensure you make the best of your experience, and allow others to do so as well.
  • Food. Avoid eating a heavy meal right before your visit to the spa, especially for a massage as it tends to stimulate digestion. A full meal should be eaten about 2-3 hrs prior to arrival, to ensure time to digest.

  • Drink. Avoid drinking alcohol as it dehydrates your body; your muscles work best and are most responsive when hydrated. Drink water but not too much as needing to stop for the restroom disrupts your treatment and breaks your relaxation. Caffeine will also boost your energy and have you wired during a time of serenity.

  • Canceling. Please allow a 24-hour notice to cancel any appointment so we may attempt to fill the spot and the therapist doesn’t lose out. We know many things come up, so we always let a first no-show or late cancellation fly. A 2nd no-show or late cancelation results in a 50% charge, 3rd and on is 100% charge. A credit card is required to hold a reservation, and will only be charged in the above circumstances.

  • Arrive early. Always aim to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If it’s your first visit, this will give you enough time to fill out forms, take a tour (if you haven’t already), and change/prepare.

  • Arrive extra early! Have extra time? Arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment and enjoy a complimentary steam shower before any service. Steam showers are great before a massage as they relax your muscles and begin increasing blood circulation.

  • Keep the volume low. Please respect the relaxation journey of other guests by speaking at a low volume.

  • Get comfy. For massages as well as full body scrubs, clients will be asked to undress entirely. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to undress to your comfort level, some clients for example choose to wear a bathing suit during a scrub. During a massage, the therapist uses a draping technique, in which only the area she is working on will be uncovered. For a facial you will be asking to remove your shirt and bra (or simply lower the bra straps) and any jewelry to ensure a relaxing neck & shoulder massage.

  • Jewels. Speaking of jewelry, leave it home. Forgetting it at the spa will be one less thing on your mind to think about.

  • Do speak. During any treatment, particularly a massage, it is imperative to communicate with you therapist your body’s needs and limitations. All bodies are unique, so if your massage is lighter or stronger than you hoped, speak up and allow the therapist to fit the treatment to your needs.

  • Ease out. Don’t rush to get up immediately following a treatment, always give yourself a minute or two to ease out of your trance. Keep in mind there are other clients in line, but there’s no need to rush.

  • Tipping. Gratuities are not included in the value of the services and are at the discretion of the guest. If you are satisfied with your service, a 15%-20% tip is recommended. Discreet envelopes are provided upon check out.

  • How did we do? Let us know about your experience! We’re always looking to improve and are eager to hear what works and what doesn’t from our guests. Email Did you absolutely LOVE your experience, let the world know!

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